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Mission Statement

Published by the independent Baylor Alumni Association, the Baylor Line possesses the unique ability to speak candidly, comprehensively, and persuasively about the heritage, culture, and present-day life of Baylor University.

Since its inception in 1946 as the magazine of the alumni association, the Line has been steadfast in its mission to examine, from a wide range of perspectives, Baylor's history, culture, institutional practices, aspirations, and identity as a private, Baptist university and to enable alumni to maintain their emotional, intellectual, and social bonds with the university and each other. The magazine is accordingly oriented to our alumni's concerns, interests, and needs regarding their ongoing relationships with their alma mater and the Baylor alumni family. The Line's primary functions are communication, education, and exploration--not public relations, fundraising, or student recruitment, although the magazine's presence among our readers does indirectly support those areas of university operations.

The magazine aims to reflect the qualities that make Baylor, and its alumni, unique in the contemporary world of higher education. In pursuit of this goal, the magazine is dedicated to exploring what may be defined as the core values of the university and its former and current students: intellectual achievement and curiosity, spiritual growth, leadership, fellowship, creative imagination, open-mindedness, honesty, principled conduct, and public service.

Given the diversity of Baylor's 14,000-member student body and 100,000 living alumni, the pages of the Line are appropriately filled with news and feature stories designed to appeal to a wide range of interests. We aim to serve as a place where alumni of different social, cultural, intellectual, moral, and religious persuasions can meet in the middle to share in a productive, stimulating exchange of ideas and viewpoints. Our "Letters to the Editor" department--with its contentions, protestations, endorsements, and refutations--represents our readers' abilities to hold well-defined beliefs and speak their minds. We hope to continue providing food for thought as well as trips down memory lane.

In short, the magazine has three interrelated functions:

• To keep alumni connected with Baylor. We want to recognize and maintain the connections between Baylor and our readers' own experiences as students, capturing in each issue a little of the excitement, anxiety, challenge, drama, and fun that contributed to their Baylor years. Through stories oriented to these topics, alumni are able to stay connected to a time and place that remain important to their lives.

We also aim to educate alumni about the evolving nature of the university. Thus, over the years the Line has brought news of change, introduced new presidents, addressed controversies, proclaimed good news, and challenged alumni to act as protectors of Baylor. We speak candidly and thoroughly about issues and topics directly affecting the Baylor educational experience, while we also address topics that belong to the Baylor "culture" in general. Baylor alumni have come to rely on the Line's tradition of quality, integrity, and fairness, with many of our readers acquiring the majority of their Baylor news from our pages. We've endeavored to keep our readers' trust and loyalty by providing them with reliable accounts of campus news, including controversies.

• To keep alumni connected with other alumni. Our class notes section, located at the back of the magazine, is considered the heart of the Line, based on reader interest, and we accord that department generous space in recognition of its importance. The class notes also function as an entrance point to the rest of the magazine, where more news and feature stories about former classmates can be found.

• To help alumni remain connected to vital and challenging ideas and issues. A magazine that teaches and provokes thought is the best representative of a university that teaches and provokes thought. Though the Line is primarily a special-interest magazine, we aim to engage our readers with the same sort of intellectual stimulation they received from their best classes and professors during their Baylor years--at turns challenging, informative, and entertaining. Thus, along with the expected alumni profiles, the Line includes stories that explore issues of faith, ethics, social concern, Baptist life, and campus controversies among other topics. Readers with no personal ties to the university should be able to pick up the Line and find stories of interest, just as visitors to Baylor's campus often find something of interest without necessarily having a personal connection to Baylor.

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