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In Response

Tip of the Cap

The Baylor Line came yesterday, and as is my custom I read it from cover to cover before I slept. Thank you for keeping distant alumni like myself in touch with our school.

Your article on Glenn Capp was especially appreciated (“Capping It Off,” summer issue). I was not on a Capp debate team, but I took one course with him. It was one of the best courses I had in my university experience.

I’ve made my life in public speaking; every Sunday I had to prepare and deliver a sermon. Prof. Capp was present in every one of them. He taught us to organize material with a point of view to persuading an audience; he was teaching us how to win debates. His ideas on debate I took into the pulpit, and they helped me.

It has been a long time since Prof. Capp taught me, yet the influence of that quiet man still works for good in everything I write or speak. Your article honored an excellent teacher.
Cecil Sherman ’50
Richmond, Virginia

Administrative Actions

Why is it that BU seems to continually take one step forward and three steps back every time it deals with the BAA? (See “Why Independent”).

The old saw “cutting off your nose to spite your face” keeps coming to mind. It boggles the mind, but sadly, after the past few years, doesn’t surprise me very much.
Cynthia L. Peterson ’79
Hallsville, Texas

I am so very tired of Baylor University undermining the efforts of our alumni association. We are not the enemy, but sometimes I feel they think we are.
Sandra Lunsford Risinger ’65
Gilmer, Texas

I am disappointed that the BAA and the university cannot see the benefit of a positive relationship. I have been a supporter of both since 1955. I thought the two groups had reached an agreement on operations that respects the value of each to the other.
Dr. John B. Peper ’55
Centennial, Colorado

That doesn’t sound very neighborly. What’s up? A simple explanation from the administration as to what necessitated their actions would be most appreciated.

I am sure they have a very good reason to take an action that does not seem right to me, and I would like to hear it.
Ivan Phinney ’72
San Antonio, Texas

I constantly see board members—not particularly at Baylor—who attempt to press their individual interests and judgements on the president, city or county managers, or non-profit executive directors.

The president, city or county managers, or executive directors respond to the decisions of their respective boards, councils, or other governing bodies.

These decisions by vote of complete boards represent policy, which does govern presidents, managers, and executive directors.

Staff members should not have to respond, except as a social curtesy, to individual board members.

Individual members of these boards may push some idea of their own that may be contrary to one of the previously set policies of the board.

The president or staff director is then placed in an untenable situation.

A member of the board or council is swinging his or her weight around, unknowing and uncaring that the manager must establish procedures in accordance with established policy and not the fancies of individual members of these boards.  
James D. Deere ’55
Greensboro, North Carolina

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