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Why You Matter

Members provide extensive support for Baylor
By Jeff Kilgore, BAA executive vice president and CEO

For 150 years, the members of the Baylor Alumni Association (BAA) have played a vital role in the life of your alumni association and Baylor University.

Along with the thousands of BAA members who preceded you, each of you is a key part of what we call "that good old Baylor line." Your personal and financial support has been and will continue to be significant in the life of our alma mater.

For this, we thank you.

We recognize that you have a family, a church, a career, and many other venues in which to share your time and financial resources. As such, we would certainly never dismiss what you have given in the past or take for granted what you might contribute in the future.

I speak for our staff and for our governing board in saying that we realize we're simply entrusted with all that is rightfully yours as stakeholders in the organization.

It may be easy for some to lose sight of the fact that our association is not just another business concern, corporate entity, or third party, but that it is a support organization made up of individuals who have voluntarily organized and labored together out of a common love for Baylor University.

Remarkably, this organization is now celebrating its 150th year of existence, and over that history the BAA has established itself as a central component of Baylor's well being.

The BAA is far more than just a name; it is tens of thousands of good people who have demonstrated an unswerving commitment to what's best for Baylor.

Individually and collectively, you have been essential to the life of this association. You have also demonstrated, more especially, your love for Baylor University by becoming an indispensable percentage of our alma mater's historic and current donor base. Each of you should be proud that a large majority of the BAA's nineteen thousand members also make gifts to Baylor. Each of you—and those who have carried the torch before you—have collectively given hundreds of millions of dollars to Baylor.

Of course, this impressive private-donor impact on Baylor does not include tuition payments for you, your children, and maybe even your grandchildren or others, along with decades of ticket and merchandise purchases. It also doesn't include your personal influence in recruiting or soliciting donations through friends and foundations. Along with your prayers, this aggregate number is likely immeasurable looking back and to the future. But there is no doubt it is significant.

While serving in the various roles of an alumni association and acting as the officially recognized and independent voice for alumni, the BAA's staff and directors encourage alumni to support  and remain engaged with Baylor University. All of us in the Baylor family should always keep in mind what you, as BAA members, mean to Baylor University.

You are significant, you matter, and we thank you.

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