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In Response

Californian Commendation

The last issue of the Baylor Line was one of the best (winter 2009 issue). I am grateful that the Baylor Alumni Association continues to press the regents for more transparency in all things, especially in the selection of the new president. It makes me proud to be a lifetime member of the BAA.

Thanks particularly for the thoughtful and well-balanced coverage of the "pay for test scores" debacle ("Test Results"). The article was fair and did not mince words. What an embarrassment this was. Living and working in the academic environment of Claremont, California, I had many negative comments from colleagues and acquaintances for whom such an action would have been unthinkable. The New York Times really has our number, and for good reason.

I hold a graduate degree from Duke and did a bit of post-graduate work at SMU, and consequently I receive materials from them. Both schools, especially Duke, deal forthrightly and head-on with difficult situations that arise from time to time. I see much more of that than ever before in recent months at the BAA and the Line. I commend you for your good work and integrity.

Bronnie McNabb Jr. '73
Claremont, California

Connecting Alums

I want to thank you for the write-up about my Navy ship college teaching ("Sailor Bear," fall 2008 issue). After missing my class's twentieth reunion, I was just hoping for an item in the "Down the Years" so people would know where I was. I was amazed to see an entire write-up in the Line!

I received tons of e-mail to my home account after the story ran. Apparently, the story was linked to on Facebook by one alum and was passed around to dozens of other alums. My father made sure to take it to Stonebridge Church and Fellowship of the Woodlands, so I think many folks in those huge churches saw the Baylor connection. Baylor got a huge boost from this pass-around story, and now there are lots of Navy personnel who know about Baylor.

You've done a great thing to help connect some "old" alums and some church folk who are sending their kids to Baylor. I thank you from all of us out in cyberland (and the Pacific Ocean, in my case).

Michele Buc ’88
Antioch, Tennessee

A Familiar Face

What a shock! I was looking through my Baylor Line and saw the Baylor Alumni Association ad on page 17 (winter issue, "Go Old School" ad featuring physics professor Robert Packard). It showed me and my fraternity brothers in the spring of 1975. I am the one wearing the Phi tennis visor.

Phi Kappa Alpha had a bet with our chief rival, KOT, regarding the overall fraternity intramural championship. The loser's faculty advisor had to have his photo taken with the winners, wearing one of their jerseys.

We won the championship that day in the last event, and Dr. Robert Packard, KOT's faculty advisor, had to wear our jersey, as is shown in the photo. The last event had just concluded, and I was the only one available wearing a Phi jersey at the time. Thus, in the photo, I am shirtless, and the good professor is wearing my jersey.

I still have the jersey, which is hanging in my closet at home. Of course, it's in our fraternity colors of bright orange with white lettering. What a trip down memory lane. My son, Madison, is now a sophomore at Baylor, and he loves being there.

J. Roland Jeter '75
Irving, Texas

Serve Those Serving Us

In the winter issue of the Line, Dr. Marc Matthews '89 wrote that he was headed to Landstuhl, Germany, with the U.S. Air Force "to try to save some lives and limbs of our wounded troops."

We all have the desire to help our returning wounded at Landstuhl. They do not have socks, coats, pajamas, lotion, or toothbrushes. Please join in the effort to honor their service by requesting that your church, Sunday school class, or social organization join with the Red Cross, the American Legion, and the Veterans of Foreign Wars in helping these active-duty military men and women whom our country has neglected.

Freedom is not now, nor has it ever been, free. Every member of the military and his or her family from 1776 to now knows what they did for us. What will we do for them?

Rebecca Akemann Fulmer '67
Winter Garden, Florida

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