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As an institution of higher education, Baylor University is a place where serious questions are not only welcomed—they are strongly encouraged. In classes, labs, faculty and administrative offices, and residence halls across campus, questions of meaning, mission, truth, faith, and, yes, love are daily posed, entertained, and answered. Granted, some of the answers are provisional. Perhaps some questions are ultimately unanswerable. But we still keep seeking. You could say that questions are Baylor’s life-blood. Without them, the process of education would weaken and ultimately fail. The body would die.

As an organization that embodies Baylor, the Baylor Alumni Association is also a place of questioning and inquiry—a forum where the voices of the Baylor family interact, sometimes blending together and other times simply agreeing to disagree.

The place where this conversation has most often—and, perhaps, most visibly—taken place has been the Baylor Line magazine and our related online publications, the bimonthly online newsletter Between the Lines, and the direct e-mail publication Baylor Line News. Since 2009, another platform for alumni discussion has been the BAA Facebook page.

We invite you to visit our Facebook page, or click "Like" on the feed to the right, to find out what other alums are doing, and the latest happenings around campus. While you're there, don't forget to check out our Foto Friday and Trivia Tuesday sections. You won't want to miss it!

And if "tweeting" is more your speed, check out our newest social media page: The BAA Twitter page.

Officially recognized as the general alumni organization of Baylor University, the Baylor Alumni Association is an independent legal entity.

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