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The History of Homecoming
In the fall of 1909, Baylor alumni received a surprising invitation from their alma mater. A postcard signed by three professors asked the graduates to return to campus to "renew former associations and friendships, and catch the Baylor spirit again." It was the announcement of Baylor's first Homecoming.

Game Day/ Football

Each Saturday afternoon of Homecoming, alums and friends head out to Floyd Casey Stadium to "root, root, root for the home team." You'll want to don your gold (or green) and join the fun!

One of the primary reasons most alums come home to Baylor, of course, is to reconnect with old friends and former classmates. And every department and office at Baylor works hard to help those reunions happen.

Beginning with a family-friendly atmosphere at Extravaganza and continuing through the Pep Rally and lighting of the traditional Bonfire, this is a Homecoming tradition you and the family will never want to miss.

What would Homecoming be without a parade? Each Saturday of Homecoming, the "oldest and largest" collegiate Homecoming parade begins downtown at 8:00 a.m. and winds its way to campus. After a brief hiatus, the Homecoming parade was again televised in 2008--due to the generosity of retired faculty member, BU alumna, and BAA member Sadie Jo Black '50.

Special Performances
What would Baylor Homecoming be without music? For sure, the Baylor spirit is something to sing about! Each year, alumni choose between a number of special performances, including Sing, Pigskin, and Cabaret.

Queen and Her Court
Each year, student organizations have the opportunity to submit a candidate for the award of Baylor University Homecoming Queen. Nominees are interviewed by an independent panel of judges, who evaluate the candidates based on a wide range of criteria, including academics, extracurricular activities, and philanthropy.

Alumni Band
Since 1986, the Alumni Band has marched--and twirled--to the beat of the Golden Wave musicians that now carry on their half-time legacy. And for the past decade, their annual performance has taken place during the Homecoming football game.

Freshman Mass Meeting
In a Baylor tradition that goes back to 1928, the first event of Baylor Homecoming each year is the Freshman Mass Meeting. The goal of Mass Meeting is to inform incoming freshmen and transfer students of a tragedy in Baylor's history and also share the meaning of Baylor's spirit and traditions.

Homecoming Worship Service
Started in the 1990s, the annual Homecoming Worship Service is held each year on the Sunday of Homecoming and led by different alumni, staff, and students and allows all members of the Baylor family to come together for worship.

Officially recognized as the general alumni organization of Baylor University, the Baylor Alumni Association is an independent legal entity.

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