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 How do I provide information regarding the death of a Life Member?
 how many members does BAA currently have registered
 How can I find other alumni in my area? I have written to ask this before and never received any answer... Please at least let me know who to contact to get an answer if this is not the right place!! Thank you!!
 My husband and I are life members. We have been asked how much it cost. I see that membership is $60-$99 per year. Is the $99 for a couple who both graduated from Baylor?
 How do I know if we are current members who are eligible to vote?
 How do I submit a picture for publication?
 What is Between the Lines?
 Does the Baylor Line accept ads?
 What is the official Baylor Class Ring, and how can I purchase one?
 When is the next Fling weekend?
 What kinds of programs do you offer Baylor students and recent graduates?
 Does Baylor have a continuing education program?
 When is the next Homecoming?
 What is Heritage Club, and when does it meet?
 What is Alumni by Choice?
 How do I nominate someone for an award?
 When do new graduates get their free membership card?
 When does my membership expire?
 Who are the Flat Bears?
 How do I submit a class note, letter to the editor, or story idea?

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Officially recognized as the general alumni organization of Baylor University, the Baylor Alumni Association is an independent legal entity.

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