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Over the past 155 years, the Baylor Alumni Association has operated on one basic principle—once a Bear, always a Bear.  Long before the university decided to create its own “constituent engagement” division (aka, the Baylor Alumni Network), we were helping Baylor alumni stay in touch through a variety of programs and services.  Many of these programs have been stopped by the university's relentless efforts to marginalize (and ultimately shut down) our organization, but we continue to do what we can to serve alumni, including providing scholarships to Baylor students and offering a place where alumni can interact with each other. At this point, our board is assessing how we can best serve Baylor University alumni and students and respond to the claims raised by the university in its lawsuit, which seeks to ignore long-standing agreements and take away our right to use the very name of our organization.   

 The photo at left is of the Hughes-Dillard Alumni Center, which was dedicated on November 6, 1998, and torn down by the university in the summer of 2013 in favor of yet another path to the new football stadium.  We've left the photo to remind alumni visitors to this site of what the BAA’s members have lost over the past decade.  For more context and background, we invite you to read the Spring 2014 issue of the Baylor Line.

Officially recognized as the general alumni organization of Baylor University, the Baylor Alumni Association is an independent legal entity.

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